The unique cellular dynamics in germ cell development provides essential elements for understanding the fundamentals of developmental biology. The germ cell long non-coding RNAs database (GermlncRNA) represents the first long non-coding RNA catalog devoted to mammalian male germ cell development. It provides a platform for researchers to search, visualize, download, and analyze annotated or novel long non-coding RNAs expressed in key stages of male germ cell development.


Non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) are non-protein coding transcripts critical in a variety of cellular activities, ranging from simple housekeeping to complex regulatory functions. A class of ncRNAs known as long ncRNAs (lncRNAs, >200bp) has shown to be expressed in a developmentally regulated manner. Current lncRNA annotations are largely predicted from transcriptome data on tissue level (e.g. whole testis) derived from different cell types. The transcriptome heterogeneity may pose challenges in experimental validation and miss unique candidates in specialized germ cells.




GermlncRNA systematically annotates lncRNAs for each specialized germ cell stage using public annotations and de novo discovery of novel lncRNAs by Hybrid Transcriptome Assembly (HTA) approach we developed recently. It also provides comprehensive information on regulatory signatures, expression, and target genes in cis- or trans- interaction. The data retrieved from Data Search section can be further processed by Galaxy. Please check out Help section on the details.